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Students’ Life

The Institute actively carries out an educational work with students. The aim of this work is to form intelligent, erudite and integral personality adapted to the modern information environment, a citizen of this country. The work is aimed to develop students’ scientific and creative abilities and to arouse a desire to lead a healthy life.

Students’ Scientific Society actively works at the Institute. Students’ scientific conferences including the ones in foreign language are held every year. Our students participate in theoretical and practical conferences, competitions on corresponding specialties of different levels. According to the results of conferences collections of students’ works are published.

Senior students participate actively in theoretical and practical conferences between the institutions of higher education. They also make reports including the scientific ones.

Competitions of The Best Student’s Work and The Best Diploma are held every year. The winners are awarded with certificates of honor and valuable gifts. Photographs of the winners are placed on special stands and site of the Institute.

One of the main aims of educational work is to involve students in sport. The Institute has a good men’s mini football team.

You can find a Students’ Club, Club of Cheerful and Sharp-Witted (КВН), holidays devoted to the Knowledge Day, New Year Day, Students’ Day, Women’s Day, etc. Our talented students participate in festivals for young people and competitions of different levels.

Great attention is given to patriotic education. The Institute organizes and holds events dedicated to the Day of Fatherland Defender and to the Victory Day.

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